Nail Spa

"On your big day and for all the events leading up to it, you want your hand and nail looking perfect. Complement your nail colour to your wedding style or season and start a complete nail care regimen to get your hands in shape for all your special wedding moments, You've spent so much time planning this day from the table linens to the flowers, don't overlook the finishing touches to complete your bridal look"

"When it come to nail work, emphasize skill and safety. As fun as our treatment are, we realize the end result is only as good as the skill of the technician. That is why we are perfectionist when it come to the clipping, filing, shaping and painting that comes with all of our nail services.

For your safety, all of our implements are either discarded after a single use or sterilized in a surgical grade autoclave. To further protect you against residual bacteria, our pedicure basins are removed, sanitized and discarded after each use.

Gel Application

Gel can be used on natural nails to strengthen and support, weak, brittle or soft flaking nail, helping them to grow naturally into strong, healthy, good looking nails.

For people not wanting to wait for natural growth. Gel application can be used to form nail extensions onto the natural nail and unlike some other systems. A gel extension is thin, flexible and natural looking, can be easily removed with damage to the natural nail.

Gel system and gel products are non-damageing, no buffing, no filing, clean and the modern way to achieve thin, flexible, natural and natural looking, beautiful nails.

Gel application available for French look, nail desire, semi permanent nail polish.